Samuel Grajfoner: The Material Presence of the Mental Imprint

21. 01. 2022 - 08. 03. 2022
Samuel Grajfoner, Untitled (from the cycle Nothing), 2021, engraving

21. 1.–8. 3. 2022
MGLC - Tivoli Mansion

(My) body speaks its own language.
The haptic experience of the graphic image.
The image is enveloped to my body.
The print becomes object.
To be inside the Print.

Samuel Grajfoner

With his long-standing commitment to the medium of printmaking and his creative consistency, Samuel Grajfoner has always cultivated a critical reflection on the position of printmaking in the context of contemporary visual art, demonstrating with his work its topicality and diversity of expression. The exhibition presents large-format prints in the techniques of engraving and drypoint, created in recent years and mostly presented to the public for the first time. They reflect the artist's understanding of the creative process as a spontaneous, organic development of the preparation of the matrix, which materialises in an impression on paper or, for the first time, in bronze. Grajfoner does not capture or convey what is already known and seen but encourages us to follow the depicted, to move in front of the print and observe it long enough to see through the hidden and less known details of his mental configurations.

Curator: Božidar Zrinski