Peter Peter Brötzmann solo, Works from 1959 to 2013

02. 07. 2013 - 25. 08. 2013
Informal landscape, tar paper, canvas, enamel and oil on canvas,

AUTHOR Peter Brötzmann

CO-ORDINATOR mag. Breda Škrjanec

Artist and musician Peter Brötzmann is one of the most important European representatives of contemporary improvised music, whereas his visual art production is less known to the public. He has been consistently active in the art field since the late fifties to the present day, occasionally exhibiting in both Europe and in the U.S. His retrospective show at MGLC, the first in Slovenia, showcases the author’s works on paper – drawings, prints and watercolours, some paintings and objects, as well as record sleeves and posters. The exhibition is a visual introduction to the 54th Ljubljana Jazz Festival.

The opening of the exhibition will feature a performance by Jason Adasiewicz, solo vibraphone.

In co-production with 54 Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Cankarjev dom.


2. 7.–14. 7.

Soldier of the Road: A Portrait of Peter Brötzman, 2011
authors: Bernard Josse and Gérard Rouy

16. 7.–28. 7.

Brötzmann, 2011
authors: René Jeuckens, Thomas Mau and Grische Windus

30. 7.–18. 8.

The Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet – Concert for Fukushima, 2013
author: Pavel Borodin

20. 8.–25. 8.

Fragments of Images and Sounds; Peter Brötzmann, 2013
author: Pierre Michel Zaleski



Slovenian Landscapes

To accompany the exhibition Peter Brötzmann Solo, Works from 1959 to 2013 a catalogue has been published by the author, which includes his brief biography, a text by photographer and fan of Brötzmann’s work, Žiga Koritnik in the Slovene and English language, as well as black-and-white and colour reproductions. The catalogue consists of 45 pages and costs 10 EUR.

Also on sale is the catalogue Arbeiten 1959–2010 in the German and English language, which includes a brief biography of Peter Brötzmann, introductory texts by Susanne Buckesfeld, John Corbett and Mike Pearson, as well as colour reproductions.