Danilo Milovanović: Direct Effects

19. 06. 2021 - 15. 08. 2021
Urban Dialogue (Chemnitz–Ljubljana): Photographic diptychs Begehungen No. 17, Chemnitz, Ljubljana, 2020

Danilo Milovanović directs the creative process from the existential experience to the current social situation, establishing subtle reflection. His themes include consumerism, economy and ecology, the street as a creative space, the personal statement as a method, while he uses public action, which is usually non-invasive to the space it occupies, as a tool. With particular sensitivity, he avoids the kind of criticism that turns art into an ideological or political provocation. In presenting four artworks, it is therefore more appropriate to speak of "direct effects" and of the artist as the generator of immediate civil activism. He concludes his creative process with a series of documents and pictorial reinterpretations (photography, video, film, printmaking, collage) that become artistic artefacts with the gallery setting and the artist's signature.

The works on display speak to us from different angles: the series of photographic collages Note:Link:Transfer is an exploration of the visual potential of the public space. It is a double image, real and pictorial. Both sometimes require the trained eye of the viewer, as the pictorial interventions are minimalist and formal in terms of visual language. The project Targets consists of a documentary video and an object. The action to preserve the trees intended for felling goes beyond the ecological issue by asking who remains marginalised, excluded, not to say erased, in today's society. With the photographic diptychs Urban Dialogue (Chemnitz–Ljubljana), he searched for commonalities in the natural and urban landscape of the two cities in times of limited mobility. Even if far away, we can still be close. The video Reforms is a critical artistic gesture of social change during the epidemic, a personal and political statement. All the works refer to the artist's perception and translation of our intimate and shared living space into visual language. And they are also connected to Švicarija and Tivoli Park.

Curator: Dušan Dovč


Danilo Milovanović (1992) is a visual artist whose creative practice is concerned with the public space and the relationships between its users. He uses a wide range of creative principles in conceptual and street projects, from public actions and interventions to photography, video, printmaking and collage. From May 2019 to May 2021, he was a user of the art residency for young artists at MGLC Švicarija. He lives and works in Ljubljana.