01. 04. 2022 - 19. 06. 2022


The Role of Photography in 1970s Printmaking and Graphic Design

MGLC – Tivoli Mansion

The project Photo/Print attempts to highlight the phenomenon of photographic images and photographic thinking in printmaking and graphic design.

January 2022
21. 01. 2022 - 08. 03. 2022

Samuel Grajfoner: The Material Presence of the Mental Imprint

21. 1.–8. 3. 2022
MGLC - Tivoli Mansion

The exhibition presents large-format prints in the techniques of engraving and drypoint, created in recent years and mostly presented to the public for the first time. They reflect the artist's understanding of the creative process as a spontaneous, organic development of the preparation of the matrix, which materialises in an impression on paper or, for the first time, in bronze. 


07. 01. 2022 - 13. 02. 2022


7. 1.−13. 2. 2022

Adrijan Praznik plays various roles in the world of art – he is a painter, illustrator, curator, producer and artistic director of Simulaker Gallery in Novo mesto. In January 2022, he completed a two-year artist residency at MGLC Švicarija. Upon his departure, he prepared the exhibition --WHERE OUR HEARTS HAVE LED US... The spatial installation of two large-scale paintings raises questions that illustrate his work and research focus in 2021 particularly. Namely, he is concerned with the form and status of the artwork, the appropriation of the media image and the combination of pictorial means of expression (the monochromatic use of colour, the aesthetic and poetic image of words) as well as materials (fabric on canvas, objecthood of the canvas). 

December 2021
10. 12. 2021 - 08. 03. 2022

Adriena Šimotová: Encounter. Touch and Imprint.

Adriena Šimotová (1926–2014) is one of the most acclaimed figures in Czech visual art. This selective retrospective at MGLC features artworks in which Šimotová radicalized the existentially conceived topic of the human personality while engaging in an earnest determination of the conditions and relationships she found relevant. She perceived her work as an open communicative relationship, with its ethical and spiritual conditionality and ontological correlations of particular importance. In this context, the artist’s exquisite array of methods and vehicles of expression allowed her to explore and reflect on touch and imprint, aspects she understood as integral to the articulation of her authentic artistic statement. Reflecting on the relationship between touch and imprint, she worked with a keen awareness of her own and other people’s corporeality.

Curator: Pavel Brunclík


03. 12. 2021 - 27. 03. 2022

Anja Jerčič Jakob: Fragile Balance

Painter and pedagogue Anja Jerčič Jakob has been working at the MGLC Švicarija residential and creative centre since 2017. In the exhibition Fragile Balance, she presents herself with two painting cycles, Field Residues (2020–2021) and Weeds (2021).


September 2021
10. 09. 2021 - 21. 11. 2021

34th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts: ISKRA DELTA

10 September till 21 November

If you thought that the Slovenian/Yugoslavian computer company, which many saw as having the potential to become a global technological power, went dark after 1989, you are mistaken. Iskra Delta, a technology conglomerate, has been summoned from the future to present its covert production at the 34th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts. Against a backdrop of social and environmental unrest, deep in the pandemic, the story of Iskra Delta and the spectres of the “lost futures” that haunt it provide a spark for imagining and constructing possible alternative presents.

10. 09. 2021 - 21. 11. 2021

Hamja Ahsan: I DON'T BELONG HERE أنا لا أنتمي الى هنا

The Exhibition of the Recipient of the Grand Prize of the 33rd Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts
ZVKDS Gallery, 10. 9.–21. 11. 2021

In 2019, the artist, activist and curator Hamja Ahsan received the Grand Prize of the 33rd Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts for his work Aspergistan Referendum. The exhibition toys with the positive outcome of the referendum at that time and shows the history of this activist movement against the dominance of the extroverts. 


June 2021
19. 06. 2021 - 15. 08. 2021

Danilo Milovanović: Direct Effects

Pop-up presentation of pictorial reinterpretations of public actions & the end of the residency in MGLC Švicarija

Danilo Milovanović's art practice is based on works in the public space. Even though they are mostly ephemeral interventions, the artist is always concerned with the way his performances are presented. The two-year residency for young artists at MGLC Švicarija gave him a temporary space to plan and reflect on his art practice. As an artist, he is also always part of different forms of community, where he toys with the roles of creator, activist and performer, curator, director of exhibition spaces and festivals.