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Municipality of Ljubljana,




Ministry of culture,

Ministrstvo za kulturo Republike Hrvaške, Gobierno Federal, México 2010, Mehiška ambasada na Dunaju, Ministrstvo za kulturo Republike Armenije, Špansko veleposlaništvo v Ljubljani, Veleposlaništvo Švice, Turška ambasada v Ljubljani


AFFA, Veleposlaništvo ZDA v Ljubljani, Arts Council Korea, Avstrijski kulturni forum, British Council, Delo, Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, Goethe Institut, Institut Français Charles Nodier, Italijanski inštitut za kulturo v Sloveniji, Japan Foundation, Kultura 2000, Mondriaan Foundation, Mondriaan Stichting, Museum in Progress, One and J. Gallery, Platform for Art Concreate, Prohelvetica, Proreklam – Europlakat, Radio Center, Radio Študent, RTV Slovenija, Der StandardStatens Kunstråd, Danish Arts Council, Zavod za turizem Ljubljana


ACH, Adria, Aerodrom Ljubljana, Droga, Europlakat, Gorenje, Graditelj, Hyundai, Imos, Lek, Marand, Mercator, Mlinotest, Mobitel, Petrol, Pivovarna Laško


RogLab – laboratorij za 3D oblikovanje in tiskanje

ALUO - partner pri izobraževalnih programih


Oddelek za likovno pedagogiko Pedagoške fakultete UL

SLON Association – Educational Animation Film Programme



Embassy of the Republic of Poland    Porsche   Mondriaan Fund

Europlakat   TAM TAM   Mladina

Radio Študent   Media Bus   The Slovenia

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Notice of closure of MGLC and Švicarija

The International Centre of Graphic Arts and MGLC Švicarija will be closed to the public in line with the official guidelines of the National Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia (NIJZ) and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia in order to prevent the spreading of coronavirus (Covid-19). This provisional measure is being taken to ensure the health of visitors and museum workers. The forthcoming programme will be adapted to the situation and the recommendations of the NIJZ as they arrive.
You are welcome to drop by on the MGLC social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Photo: Katja Goljat. MGLC Archive.

New acquisitions

Roni Horn: You are the Weather
Collection of Art Publications,
inv. no. 1894

American artist Roni Horn has been travelling to Iceland regularly for many years, where she stays for extended periods of time. This is where the ideas for her installations and books with drawings and photographs are born.

You are the Weather is an extremely beautiful artist's book, which is minimalist and complex at the same time. It confronts us with the mysterious surface of the face of one woman. The book is an intimate and erotic artwork without ever being sexual or explicit. The book cannot be viewed in the usual passive way. We find ourselves in front of the open face of an unknown woman while experiencing her beauty, depth and mystery. The woman's face anchors our gaze but does not return it. So before us, we have an artist's book that is as challenging and enigmatic as it is beautiful and intimate.

Roni Horn about the book: “... it concentrates exclusively on this one woman, on close-ups of her face. I photograph this woman, Margrét, in the water. This was very important, as water is a true key phenomenon in Iceland. It was quite an easy relation. I did not say anything about what she had to do. She simply got into the water and I began to take photographs. In sunlight or under a stormy, cloudy sky – the water surrounded her, her hair was sometimes wet and sometimes tousled by the wind. You can not look at this woman in the traditional manner of nude photography. You look at a woman, who is also looking at you. Through her relation to the water, the light, the wind and the weather, she takes on these different personalities.”


Kitch'n Megazine

All creatives, artists and other enthusiasts in isolation – let’s get together and cook something up!

MGLC extends an invitation to create a collective document of the time and the unexpected situation that has shocked and shaken the world over. Let’s stay at home and devote our time, which suddenly seems to be overly plentiful, to the pleasurable sides of life. Get a piece of paper ready and use the power of the recipe that you have been keeping under wraps for so long – paint, write, glue, cut, roll, rub off, fix the texture … All contributions sent in will be printed and compiled into a booklet – a zine, received by every single participant.
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