Touring the Exhibition Together

07. 07. 2020 - 11. 08. 2020
Photo: Urška Boljkovac. Archive: MGLC.

Touring the Exhibition Together
Every Tuesday, 7. 7.–11. 8., 18.00, Grad Tivoli & Švicarija

Every Tuesday in July and August there are guided tours of the exhibitions Andrej Škufca, Black Market and Agnes Momirski: siXren (Verbum Medicinae), as well as the Stojan Batič Memorial Studio and the Švicarija building. We are highlighting two guided tours:

14. 7. Visiting Guided Tour
The guided tour of the exhibition Black Market is conducted by sociologist of culture, Primož Krašovec and philosopher, Miroslav Griško, bookings: 01 2413 812.

11. 8. Concluding Guided Tour and Social Gathering
Tour the exhibition Black Market with the artist Andrej Škufca, bookings: 01 2413 812.