Films in the Woods

26. 07. 2020 - 16. 08. 2020
Photo: Urška Boljkovac. Archive: MGLC.


Films in the Woods

Every Sunday, 26. 7.–16. 8., 21.00, in front of Švicarija

Every Sunday in July, all film buffs meet at the city’s forest border. Focus 2020: the genre of science fiction, apocalypse today! In cooperation with the Grossmann Festival. 

26. 7. Iron Sky
A science-fiction black comedy about the Nazis fleeing to the dark side of the Moon in 1945 and returning to Earth in 2018. The music was provided by the Slovenian music group Laibach. Directed by: Timo Vuorensola.

2. 8. His Master’s Voice (Az Úr hangja)

Directed by: György Pálfi / Hungary, Sweden, Canada, USA, France / 2018 / 108 min / English, Hungarian, Slovenian subtitles

One day, Peter, a man in his late thirties, recognises his father, a scientist who escaped from communist Hungary in the 1970s, as he watches a documentary on television about a mysterious accident that took place in the US. Renowned Hungarian filmmaker György Pálfi (Taxidermia) found inspiration for the dystopian feature film about the dark history of a family in Stanisław Lem’s cult novel of the same name.

9. 8. Coma
Directed by: Nikita Argunov / Russia / 2019 / 111 min / Slovenian subtitles

The film’s narrative revolves around an architect who wakes up in a world with completely different physical laws after a mysterious accident one day. It is a world based on the memories of those who live in it – people who have found themselves in a coma. Russian director Nikita Argunov’s feature debut demonstrates true scenographic mastery in creating imaginary landscapes in a virtual environment and builds up a stunning Sci-fi spectacle.

16. 8. Metropolis 
The exhibition Black Market and the cycle of films concludes with a film classic that has gained cult status over the years due to its portrayal of the ever-current class struggle as well as its iconic image and is considered one of the milestones of science fiction. Directed by: Fritz Lang. 

Admission free!
In case of rain, the screening of the film will be moved indoors.